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  1. Kitchen Installation Advice

  1. Kitchen Installation Advice

     Whats the best way to achieve best results and finish when edging laminate ie adhesive/cutting and profiling laminate edge strips Most common adhesive is good quality contact adhesive. There may be other high performance glues available but contact is more common.  The best way to trim laminates is with a laminate trimmer this will give a quick and clean finish. But most fitters still use a block plain and finish off with a file. Tip if you are ever short of laminate edging and it is stopping you completing your job. If you have any spare piece of matching worktop  you can cut a 40mm strip and delaminate with an iron. Protect the laminate with a piece of white paper and slide a scraper between the chipboard and laminate as you heat it up. Done this many times and works well.  We have just had a black gloss kitchen installed and are finding it difficult to keep the gloss from attracting dust. Will the product you sell assist with this? We have tried several types of anti static e-cloths. Gloss Surface Cleaner is specially formulated to produce a smear free finish on your gloss kitchen cupboard doors and will also reduce the rate of static pick up – so reducing dust build up.  Obviously the dust will settle again but the doors will not attract the dust in the way they would if it was not used at all. I definitely think it is worth a try if you are only using an e-cloth as this will not help at all. 

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