Solid Wood Worktop Installation and Aftercare Kit


Fitters essentials for installing a Solid Wood Worktop

Includes Worktop Oil, Silicone & Cleaner

Hard Wax Oil is BS EN71 - Food Safe

Oil can be coated and finished in 1 day

pH7 Neutral Cleaner to avoid Grey Film build up




    Solid Wood Worktop Installation and Aftercare Kit includes everything a fitter needs to successfully install a solid wood worktop.

    The Kit includes:

    Installation booklet (1)
    Aluminium foil sheet (1)
    Aluminium foil tape - 50mm x 5m roll (1)
    Biscuits (4)
    Bolts (6)
    Edging Support Brackets (24)
    Latex gloves (1)
    Sanding block (1)
    Sandpaper - 240 grit (1)
    Sandpaper - 180 grit (1)
    Sandpaper - 500 grit (1)
    Scotchbrite - Red (1)
    Scotchbrite - White (1)
    Screws & Washers (96)
    Silicone Sealant (1)
    Worktop Oil - 375ml (1)
    Worktop pH7 Neutral Cleaner - 500ml (1)
    Lint free cloths (2)

    Solid Wood Worktop Oil:
    Fast cure solid wood worktop sealer can be applied and finished in the same day.

    Made from fast curing natural plant oils and wax it is environmentally friendly.  Unlike the old water based technology, wax oils are solvent based with a larger amount of natural oils and resins which offer the followign benefits:

    Greater Durability - unlike traditional furniture oils, worktop oils need to be able to retain their look and feel even after aggressive detergent, cooking utensil and hot water use.

    Higher UV Resistance - to avoid discolouring, which is particularly important for strained surfaces like dark walnut.

    Greater Coverage - a traditional oil requires at least 3 coats whereas the wax oil only requires 2.

    Fast Cure - traditional oils require a minimum of 3 coats at 2 hour intervals (with sanding between coats).  Hard wax oil is applied once, then wait for 3 hours, apply 2nd coat - wipe off excess after 15 mins then leave overnight before active use.

    The oils penetrate deeply into the wood surface, protecting it from the inside and keeping it healthy and elastic, whilst the hard wax, protects the surface making the wood worktop hardwearing and easy to maintain.

    Worktop Sealer will not crack, peel, flake or blister.  Worktop Sealer is resistant to most household stains including wine, coffee, fruit juice etc.

    Worktop pH7 Neutral Cleaner:

    pH7 Neutral Cleaner is recommended prior to treatment with the Worktop Oil.

    pH7 Neutral Cleaner will remove light grease, fat, cooking stains, food residue etc.  It is important to use pH7 Neutral Cleaner on solid wood worktops because it stops the grey soap film (left by multipurpose cleaners) building up on the surface of the wood.  The grey soap film stains the wood and it can be difficult to remove.

    Silicone - Clear:

    Silicone is a premium grade neutral cure silicone.  It is applied to the top and bottom edge of the worktop joints in order to prevent movement of the timber.  It is suitable for most sealing jobs internally and externally and stays elastic after curing. 

    Solvent Free / Permanent colour, UV resistant / Stays elastic after curing / Very good adhesion on materials / Low modulus

    Edging Support brackets:

    Solid Wood Worktops should be fixed to the carcass side panels using the edging support brackets.  This will allow for the natural worktop movement.

    Bolts & Biscuits:

    These are required for worktop butt/scribe and mitred joints.

    Aluminium Foil:

    Apply to the edges of the hob cut-outs so that less heat is transferred to the worktop which can cause cracking.  Adhere a piece of foil to the underside of the worktop with the foil facing outwards where dishwashers, washing machines and cookers are going to be installed.  This will protect the worktop from intense heat or moisture.





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